You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries by sending emails to <a href="mailto:contact'AT'taler.net">contact'AT'taler.net</a>.
For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <a href="mailto:ceo'AT'taler-systems.com">ceo'AT'taler-systems.com</a>.
You can reach our Head of Marketing handling your requests by sending an email to <a href="mailto:sales'AT'taler.net">sales'AT'taler.net</a> respectively <a href="mailto:marketing'AT'taler.net">marketing'AT'taler.net</a>.
You can reach our team members responsible for PR, press and media contacts via email to <a href="mailto:press'AT'taler.net">press'AT'taler.net</a>.
Developer Services
HTTP modifying man-in-the-middle proxy to test error handling.
SMC Auctions
MCH 2022 Badge Integration
Accept GNU Taler payments on your MCH 2022 badge.
EMVco Integration
Taler Vault
Hardware security module for GNU Taler (to be started soon).
Payage Payment Plugin
GNU Taler payment plugin for Payage/Joomla! (coming soon).
Community Interaction
Core Component Documentation
Cryptographic background on how parents can set age-restrictions on Taler coins to protect minors from inappropriate purchases while preserving privacy for everyone.