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Here are some <span class='tlr'>FAQs</span> of major importance.
More frequently asked questions on GNU Taler are answered in detail at <a href="https://taler.net/en/faq.html">Taler's FAQ web page</a> in English and some other languages.
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Three topics that are already listed here - [<em>Please adapt the content!</em>]
If you want to contribute to <span class='tlr'>translations</span> you can do so on <a href="https://weblate.taler.net/">Taler's internationalization platform Weblate</a>.
<span class='tlr'>Vendor requests</span> can be communicated on the <a href="https://taler.net/en/faq.html">vendor specific web page</a>.
<span class='tlr'>Contacts</span>: You are invited to et into contact with the Taler staff for further steps. [Please xpand here] You will also find a contacts overview on <a href="https://taler.net/en/contact.html">Taler's contacts page</a>.
When making a payment, customers only need a loaded wallet. A merchant can accept payments <span class="tlr">without making their customers register</span> on the merchant&#39;s Website. A fizetéshez Talerrel a vásárlóknak csak elegendő pénzértékre van szükségük a Taler pénztárcájukban. Az eladók, pl. webáruházak vagy szupermarketek <span class="tlr">a vásárló regisztrálása nélkül</span>, biztonságosan és megbízhatóan fogadhatnak el fizetéseket.
Once the wallet is loaded, payments on websites take only one click, are never falsely rejected by fraud detection and do not pose any risk of phishing or identity theft. A pénztárca feltöltése után a weboldalakon történő fizetések csak egy kattintást igényelnek, a csalásérzékelés soha nem utasítja el őket tévesen, és nem jelentenek adathalászat vagy személyazonosság-lopás kockázatát.
This project is about adding KYC and AML support to GNU Taler by integrating rules for conditions that require users to authenticate or exchange operators to review records for AML. We will be integrating support for KYC via the open OAuth2.0 standard as well as a few (sadly) proprietary APIs to enable compliance. We will also be implementing a (simple) address verification service using the OAuth 2.0 API.
This project is about implementing a GNU Taler wallet for the iOS platform. The wallet is to support all of the features of the existing Android and WebExtension wallets.
This project is about implementing a GNU Name System registrar with GNU Taler support for privacy-preserving payments to register domain names.
This project is about improving the usability of GNU Taler for regional currencies. It improves account management in libeufin to turn it into a comprehensive stand-alone bank service. We are also adding currency conversion to enable users to convert from and to the regional currency. Furthermore, some time was spent on requirements analysis, revealing the need for merchants without digital infrastructure to receive payments, resulting in us implementing templating support that enables payments to merchants that are fully offline.
We received funding under NGI POINTER to add P2P payments and make GNU Taler more programmable. P2P payments allow wallets to request payments (invoicing) and to offer digital cash directly to other wallets. We also implemented age-restricted payments that allow merchants to validate the age of buyers without disclosing additional information. Finally, we created an early prototype for auctions (but without full integration across all GNU Taler components).
Install the Android App from Google App Store. Telepítse az Android alkalmazást a Google App Store-ból, vagy
Download the Android App from F-Droid (bypassing Google registration).