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You can send messages to the list at
We frequently discuss issues using <a href="https://mumble.sf.net/">Mumble</a> on <tt>gnunet.org</tt>. Feel free to join us in the lobby or developer rooms.
You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries at <tt>contact AT taler.net</tt>.
Copyright Assignment
Contributors to GNU Taler with Git access must sign the <a href="/pdf/copyright.pdf">copyright assignment</a> to ensure that the <a href="https://git.gnunet.org/gnunet-ev.git/tree/gnunet_taler_agreement.tex">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler Systems SA agreement on licensing and collaborative development</a> of the GNUnet and GNU Taler projects is satisfied.
Minor contributions (basically, anyone without Git access) do not require copyright assignment. Pseudonymous contributions are accepted, in this case simply sign the agreement with your pseudonym. Scanned copies are sufficient, but snail mail is preferred.
Core Component Documentation
Merchant Backend Administration
Supplemental services
GNU Anastasis
Privacy-preserving distributed key escrow and recovery services.
Implementation of the Taler wire gateway over the EBICS/FinTS protocol suite, including EBICS stand-alone sandbox (for testing and regional currencies).
Implementation of the Taler wire gateway over the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
Encrypted data backup and recovery service.