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The agreements ensure that the code will continue to be made available under free software licenses, which gives developers the freedom to move code between GNUnet and GNU Taler without worrying about licenses and the company the ability to dual-license (for example, so that we can distribute via App-stores that are hostile to free software). アプリの利用許諾により、オープンソースの自由なfree softwareのライセンスそしてプログラムのコードの公開が可能になり、開発者はGNUnetとGNU Talerの両方の許諾を得なくても双方でプログラムのコードを使うことができます。(例えば、こうすることにより、free softwareに好意的でないアプリストアを通じて配布できます。)
Core Component Documentation
Supplemental services
GNU Anastasis
Privacy-preserving distributed key escrow and recovery services.
Implementation of the Taler wire gateway over the EBICS/FinTS protocol suite, including EBICS stand-alone sandbox (for testing and regional currencies).
Implementation of the Taler wire gateway over the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.
Encrypted data backup and recovery service.
Taler Mailbox Talerロゴマーク
Reliably deliver payment messages between Taler wallets.
Directory to associate addresses (e-mail, phone numbers, etc.) with Taler wallets.
Integration of GNU Taler with the Multi-Drop-Bus (MDB) protocol commonly used in vending machines. Deployed at a coffee and a snack machine at <a href="https://bfh.ch/">BFH</a>.
WooCommerce Payment Backend
GNU Taler payment plugin for the WooCommerce e-commerce solution (itself based on WordPress).