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You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries by sending emails to <a href="mailto:contact'AT'taler.net">contact'AT'taler.net</a>. 您可以透過 <tt>contact AT taler.net</tt> 聯繫處理一般詢問的團隊成員。
For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <a href="mailto:ceo'AT'taler-systems.com">ceo'AT'taler-systems.com</a>. 對於非技術性的商業性詢問,請聯絡 <tt>ceo AT taler-systems.com</tt>。
You can reach our Head of Marketing handling your requests by sending an email to <a href="mailto:sales'AT'taler.net">sales'AT'taler.net</a> respectively <a href="mailto:marketing'AT'taler.net">marketing'AT'taler.net</a>. 您可以透過 <tt>contact AT taler.net</tt> 聯繫處理一般詢問的團隊成員。
You can reach our team members responsible for PR, press and media contacts via email to <a href="mailto:press'AT'taler.net">press'AT'taler.net</a>. 您可以透過 <tt>contact AT taler.net</tt> 聯繫處理一般詢問的團隊成員。