Key English Arabic
copy Copy
copy_uri Copy Taler URI
currency Currency
char_count %1$d/%2$d
amount_positive +%s %s +
amount_negative -%s %s -
transactions_balance Balance
transactions_send_funds Send
transactions_receive_funds Receive
transactions_detail_title_currency %s Transactions
transactions_delete_dialog_title Delete Transaction
transactions_delete_dialog_message Are you sure you want to remove this transaction from your wallet?
transactions_delete_selected_dialog_message Are you sure you want to remove the selected transactions from your wallet?
transactions_cancel_dialog_message Are you sure you want to cancel this withdrawal? Funds still in transit might get lost.
transaction_deposit Deposit
transaction_peer_push_debit Push payment
transaction_peer_pull_credit Invoice
transaction_peer_pull_debit Invoice paid
transaction_peer_push_credit Push payment
transaction_action_kyc Complete KYC