Key English Japanese
nav_prompt_withdraw Withdraw Digital Cash デジタルキャッシュの引き出し
host_apdu_service_desc Taler NFC Payments
balances_empty_state There is no digital cash in your wallet.

You can get test money from the demo bank:
transactions_error Could not load transactions

transaction_refresh Coin expiry change fee
payment_balance_insufficient Balance insufficient!
payment_initiated Payment initiated
payment_already_paid_title Already paid
payment_already_paid You've already paid for this purchase.
withdraw_initiated Withdrawal initiated
withdraw_title Withdrawal
withdraw_total Withdraw
withdraw_fees Fee
withdraw_exchange Exchange
withdraw_button_confirm Confirm Withdraw
withdraw_button_confirm_bank Confirm with bank
withdraw_button_tos Review Terms
withdraw_waiting_confirm Waiting for confirmation
withdraw_amount How much to withdraw?
withdraw_amount_error Enter valid amount