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google_play_full_desc This app is a wallet for GNU Taler. It is highly experimental, and not ready for production use yet. GNU Taler is a privacy-preserving payment system. Customers can stay anonymous, but merchants can not hide their income through payments with GNU Taler. This helps to avoid tax evasion and money laundering. The primary use case of GNU Taler is payments; it is not meant as a store of value. Payments are always backed by an existing currency. Payment are made after exchanging existing money into electronic money with the help of an Exchange service, that is, a payment service provider for Taler. When making a payment, customers only need a charged wallet. A merchant can accept payments without making their customers register on the merchant's Website. GNU Taler is immune against many types of fraud, such as phishing of credit card information or chargeback fraud. In case of loss or theft, only the limited amount of money left in the wallet might be gone.
nav_prompt_withdraw Withdraw Digital Cash デジタルキャッシュの引き出し
copy Copy
copy_uri Copy Taler URI
currency Currency
char_count %1$d/%2$d
host_apdu_service_desc Taler NFC Payments
amount_positive +%s + %s
amount_negative -%s - %s
balances_empty_state There is no digital cash in your wallet.

You can get test money from the demo bank:
transactions_balance Balance
transactions_send_funds Send
transactions_receive_funds Receive
transactions_error Could not load transactions

transactions_detail_title_currency %s Transactions
transactions_delete_dialog_title Delete Transaction
transactions_delete_dialog_message Are you sure you want to remove this transaction from your wallet?
transactions_delete_selected_dialog_message Are you sure you want to remove the selected transactions from your wallet?
transactions_cancel_dialog_message Are you sure you want to cancel this withdrawal? Funds still in transit might get lost.
transaction_refresh Coin expiry change fee