About</em> Anastasis
About</em> Anastasis
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Anastasis Anastasis
Anastasis key recovery system Anastasis key recovery system
About</em> Anastasis Anastasis
Anastasis is developed by a motivated team<br/>with the goal to help you to protect your private data.
Company Background
In 2019, <a href="">Taler</a> and <a href="">pretty Easy privacy</a> (pEp) determined that they had to offer a usable key backup solution for their privacy-enhancing technologies. Anastasis SARL was created drawing contributors from both communities which, together with experts from the <a href="">Bern University of Applied Sciences</a>, produced an innovative protocol and reference implementation.
Our goal is to offer key backup and recovery for a broad range of applications, combining both key management as a service as well as support for integration. Anastasis has already caught the interest of additional Free Software privacy projects with similar needs such as the <a href="">Re:claimID</a> identity management system and the <a href="">NymTech</a> cryptocurrency.
Users of electronic wallets need a way to backup their secret keys. Anastasis enables them to split up key data and send it to different providers, thus minimizing the need for trust towards all involved parties. Our solution implements privacy by design and ensures that we learn as little as possible and as late as possible about our users. Anastasis works close with other Free Software privacy projects such as <a href="">GNU Taler</a> and <a href="">pretty Easy privacy</a> (pEp).


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About</em> Anastasis
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