Advantages for Governments
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Libre Свободная программа
Taler provides protocols and reference implementations that in principle enables anybody to run their own payment infrastructure, be it individuals, organizations or whole countries. Since the reference implementation is a Taler предоставляет протоколы и базовую реализацию, что, теоретически, позволяет кому угодно: частным лицам, организациям или целым странам создавать собственную платёжную инфраструктуру. Так как наша базовая реализация - пакет GNU,
package, it will always remain free software. Taler всегда будет оставаться свободной программой.
Financial News Новости финансов
This page explains (only in English) how Taler can change ongoing developments in the financial industry. Здесь вы можете прочитать о том (информация доступна только на английском языке), как Taler может повлиять на текущие события, происходящие в финансовой индустрии.
Advantages for Governments
Taler provides accountability to ensure business operate legally, while also respecting civil liberties of citizens. Taler is a payment system based on open standards and free software. Taler needs governments as they set a financial framework and act as trusted regulators. Taler contributes to digital sovereignty in the critical financial infrastructure.
Taler was built with the goal of fighting corruption and supporting taxation. With Taler, the receiver of any form of payment is easily identified by the government, and the merchant can be compelled to provide the contract that was accepted by the customer. Governments can use this data to tax businesses and individuals based on their income, making tax evasion and black markets less viable.
Thus, despite offering anonymity for citizens spending digital cash to buy goods and services, Taler also ensures that the state can observe incoming funds. This can be used to ensure businesses engage only in legal activities, and do not evade income tax, sales tax or value-added tax. However, this observational capability does not extend to the immediate personal domain. In particular, monitoring does not cover shared access to funds with trusted friends and family, or synchronizing wallets across multiple devices.
Taler's payments are cryptographically secured. Thus, customers, merchants and the Taler payment service provider (the exchange) can mathematically demonstrate their lawful behavior in court in case of disputes. Financial damages are strictly limited, improving economic security for individuals, merchants, the exchange and the state.
As a payment service provider, the Taler exchange is subject to financial regulation. Financial regulation and regular audits are critical to establish trust. In particular, the Taler design mandates the existence of an independent auditor who checks cryptographic proofs that accumulate at the exchange to ensure that the escrow account is managed honestly. This ensures that the exchange does not threaten the economy due to fraud.


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