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We have two demo merchants where you can spend your coins: 我們有兩個 demo merchants,您可以在其中使用您的貨幣:
At the <a href="{blog}">essay store</a> you can pay in {currency} for individual chapters of Richard Stallman&#39;s book &quot;Free Software, Free Society&quot;. 在<a href="{blog}">文章商店</a>,您可以使用 {currency} 來購買 Richard Stallman 的書籍 &quot;Free Software, Free Society&quot; 的各個章節。
The book is also available for free at <a href="{fsf}">the FSF</a>. 該書也可以在 <a href="{fsf}">FSF</a> 上免費取得。
At the project <a href="{donations}">donation website</a> you can show respect to a software project of your choice by donating {currency} to them. 在項目<a href="{donations}">捐贈網站</a>上,您可以通過向您選擇的軟體專案捐贈 {currency} 來表示敬意。
Step 4: Check money flow 步驟四:檢查資金流量
You can see the wire transfers from the escrow account of the exchange to the merchants on the <a href="{bank}">public accounts page</a> of the bank. 您可以在銀行的<a href="{bank}">公共帳戶頁面</a>上看到從交易所的託管賬戶到商家的電匯。
Note that only accounts configured to be publicly viewable are shown on that page. 請注意,只有被設定為公開檢視的帳號會顯示在此頁面。
Step 5: Survey 步驟五:問卷調查
Websites can give tips to visitors for completing tasks. 這些網站可以提供指點予訪客以完成任務。
You can earn some {currency} coins by filling in our <a href="{url}">survey</a>. 您可以透過填寫我們的<a href="{url}">問卷調查</a>獲得一些 {currency} 貨幣。
Step 6: Reach out to us 步驟六:與我們聯絡


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