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Please keep the order identifier <strong>{id}</strong> as a receipt for your donation. 請保留訂單識別號碼 <strong>{id}</strong> 做為您捐款的收據。
You can show other people that you donated by sharing <a href="{link}">this link</a> with them. 您可以分享<a href="{link}">此連結</a>以向他人展示您的捐款。
You can always make <a href="{link}">another donation</a>. 您隨時都可以<a href="{link}">捐款</a>。
Donate to Free Software projects 捐款給自由軟體項目
This donations website shows the user experience for donations with GNU Taler. 這個捐款網頁展示了 GNU Taler 捐款者的顧客體驗。
You can make donations in a toy currency ({currency}) 您可以使用任何的 toy currency ({currency}) 來捐款
Please select a project, the amount (*) of {currency} you wish to donate, and enter the donor's name that will appear on your receipt: 請選擇一個項目、您欲捐款的金額 (*) 以及 {currency},並輸入顯示在收據上的捐款人姓名:
Anonymous Donor 匿名捐款人
Donate! 捐款!
(*) To make the demo a bit more interesting, the 5 {currency} option is deliberately implemented with a fault: the merchant will try to make you donate 6 {currency} instead of the 5 {currency} shown in the form. But do not worry, you will be given the opportunity to review the final offer from the merchant in the Taler wallet. That way, Taler protects you from committing to erroneous payments. (*)為了使 demo 更有趣一點,5 {currency} 這個選項的錯誤為故意的:在顯示的表單中,商家將嘗試讓你捐贈 6 {currency} 而不是 5 {currency} 。但是請不要擔心,在 Taler wallet 中,會提供機會給您檢查商家最終折扣表單。透過此種方式,Taler 保護您、免於支付錯誤的款項。
Payment Provider Not Supported 不支援付款提供商


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