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2. Protect the privacy of buyers
You deserve some privacy
Privacy is most meaningful when it is guaranteed via technical measures, as opposed to mere policies. Without a technical layer providing privacy-by-default, financial transactions reveal unnecessary levels of personal or private data. This would be especially true when making micropayments for online publications. Thus, GNU Taler must protect the privacy of buyers to avoid facilitating totalitarian control over the population.
Limited private data, such as the shipping address for a physical delivery, may need to be collected according to business needs and protected according to local laws. In this case, GNU Taler must enable deletion of such data as soon as it is no longer required.
3. Auditability - enable the state to tax income and crack down on illegal business activities
Money laundering
As a payment system must comply with local laws in order to operate legally, GNU Taler must be designed to comply with these requirements. GNU Taler must provide an audit trail for investigators operating under the law. Furthermore, we consider levying of taxes as beneficial to society, and fair taxation requires income transparency. Thus, GNU Taler must enable authorities to track income.
4. Prevent payment fraud
Phishing attack
GNU Taler must mitigate the most common sources of payment fraud. We must follow best practices in software design, 3rd party design guidelines that prevent confusion and misleading user interfaces, and must have others inspect our publicly available code. Furthermore, GNU Taler must provide extensive cryptographic evidence for all key processes to enable all parties to precisely attribute bad behavior.
5. Collect the minimum information necessary


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