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6. Be usable
Buy with one click. Easy for children.
GNU Taler must be usable for non-expert customers including end-users of a GNU Taler wallet, merchants who wish to accept payments using GNU Taler, and 3rd party application developers for e-commerce and other platforms. GNU Taler must follow best-practices usability guidelines and incorporate feedback from experts and users. Free/Libre software also requires Free/Libre documentation to allow for informed choices. GNU Taler must provide well-documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow frictionless integrations between GNU Taler and other projects.
7. Be efficient
Energy efficiency
GNU Taler must be designed to be efficient. Quite simply, efficiency means fewer things to break, and it means more transactions per second and lowers our environmental impact. Efficiency is also critical for GNU Taler to be used for micropayments. Therefore certain expensive primitives, such as proof-of-work, must not be used by GNU Taler.
8. Fault-tolerant design
Life Safers
Malicious operators, fat fingers, computer glitches, gremlins. Things go wrong. GNU Taler must be designed to tolerate failure of individual components and systems. Where the system can continue running safely, it will continue running safely. Where it must halt an operation, other operations must not be needlessly pulled offline. Where systems fail, they must fail gracefully. GNU Taler must have a plan to recover from malicious operators compromising core secrets.
9. Foster competition
A competitive market


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