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Since the digital coins of value in your wallet are anonymized, the exchange can not assist you in recovering a lost or stolen wallet. Just like with a physical wallet for cash, you are responsible for keeping it safe. Desde que el valor de las monedas digitales en tu cartera es anónimio, los bancos no pueden ayudarte en recuperar una cartera perdida o robada. Igual que una cartear física con dinero efectivo, tú eres el responsable de mantenerla segura.
The risk of losing a wallet can be mitigated by making backups or keeping the balance reasonably low. El riesgo de perder una cartera puede ser mitigado haciendo copias de seguridad o manteniendo tu balance razonablemente bajo.
What if my computer is hacked? ¿Que pasa si mi ordenador es pirateado?
In case of a compromise of one of your devices, an attacker can spend coins from your wallet. Checking your balance might reveal to you whether your device has eventually been compromised. If a coin has been spent, this coin cannot be spent a second time. The Exchange examines every coin whether it has been spent and thus makes double spending impossible. En caso de compromiso de uno de tus dispositivos, un atacante puede gastar las monedas de tu cartera.Ir comprobando tu balance puede revelarte si tu dispositivo ha sido comprometido.
Can I send money to my friends with Taler? ¿Puedo mandar dinero a mi amigo con Taler?
Taler supports push and pull payments between wallets (also known as peer-to-peer payments). While the payment appears to be directly between wallets, technically the operation is intermediated by the payment service provider which will typically be legally required to identify the recipient of the funds before allowing the transaction to complete.
How does Taler handle payments in different currencies? ¿Como maneja Taler pagos en diferentes divisas?
Taler wallets can store digital coins corresponding to multiple different currencies such as the Euro, US Dollars or Bitcoins. Las carteras Taler pueden almacenar monedas digitales correspondiendo a múltiples diferentes divisas como el Euro, dólar o Bitcoins.
Taler currently does not offer conversion between currencies. Taler no ofrece actualmente conversiones entre divisas.
How does Taler protect my privacy? ¿Como protege taler mi privacidad?
Your wallet stores digital coins that are <a href="">blindly signed</a> by an exchange. The use of a blind signature protects your privacy as it prevents the exchange from knowing which coin it signed for which customer. Tu cartera almacena monedas digitales que son <a href="">firmadas ciegamente</a> por un banco. El uso de firma ciega protege tu privacidad porque previene al banco saber que moneda ha sido firmada para cada cliente.


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