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Current funding
This project will be about integrating GNU Taler with offerings of media partners to improve monetization in the media industry. (Launching in Q3 2021.)
This project is about making GNU Taler more programmable. (Launching in 2021.) このプロジェクトはGNU Talerをよりプログラマブルにするためのものです。(2021年に立ち上げ)
This project is about improving the security of the GNU Taler exchange via an external code audit, and creating a competent external security auditor to help with safely operating the Taler payment system. このプロジェクトは、ソースコードの外部監査を通じてGNU Taler取引所のセキュリティを改善し、Taler支払いシステムの安全な運用を支援する有能なセキュリティ外部監査役を作るためのものです。
We are grateful for free hosting offered by the following organizations:
We are grateful for translation support offered by the following organizations (and <a href="">all the volunteers</a> that are helping with the translation effort): 以下の組織(および翻訳を手伝っている<a href="">ボランティアの皆様</a>)の翻訳協力に感謝します:
Past funding
We are grateful for past funding from the following organizations:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the NGI_TRUST grant agreement no 825618. The project aims to integrate re:claimID with the GNU Taler payment system in a pilot in order to demonstrate the practical feasibility and benefits of privacy enhancing technologies for users and commercial service providers. The project is called "Decentralized Identities for Self-Sovereign End-users" (DISSENS).
Advantages for Governments 政府にとっての利点
Taler provides accountability to ensure business operate legally, while also respecting civil liberties of citizens. Taler is a payment system based on open standards and free software. Taler needs governments as they set a financial framework and act as trusted regulators. Taler contributes to digital sovereignty in the critical financial infrastructure. GNU Talerはビジネスが合法的に運営されていることを明解にすると同時に、市民の人権を尊重します。GNUTalerとはオープンスタンダードとフリーソフトウェアに基づいた決済システムで、経済的フレームワークを設定し、信頼できる監視官としての役割を果たす政府を必要とします。GNU Talerは重要な経済的基盤にデジタルが主権をもつことに貢献します。


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