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MCH 2022 Badge Integration 银行整合
Accept GNU Taler payments on your MCH 2022 badge.
EMVco Integration 银行整合
Integeration with EMVco PoS systems (to be started soon).
Taler Vault Taler标志
Hardware security module for GNU Taler (to be started soon).
How is Taler related to Bitcoin or Blockchains? Taler 与比特币或区块链有什么关系?
Taler does not require any Blockchain technology, and is also not based on proof-of-work or any other distributed consensus mechanism. Instead, Taler is based on blind signatures. However, it is theoretically possible to combine Taler with peer-to-peer crypto-currencies like Bitcoin. Taler 不需要任何区块链技术,也不基于工作量证明(proof-of-work)或任何其他分布式共识机制。 相反,Taler 基于盲签名(blind signatures)。 但是,理论上可以将 Taler 与比特币等点对点加密货币相结合。
It would be possible, however, to withdraw coins denominated in Bitcoin into a Taler wallet (with an appropriate exchange), which would give some benefits over plain Bitcoin, such as instant confirmation times. 然而,(通过适当的交易所)将比特币计价的货币提取到 Taler 钱包是可能的,这与普通比特币相比有一些优势,如即时确认。
Where is the balance in my wallet stored? 我钱包里的余额储存在哪里?
Your wallet stores digital coins and thus ultimately your computer holds your balance. The exchange keeps funds matching all unspent coins in an escrow bank account. 您的钱包会存储数字货币,因此最终您的计算机将持有您的余额。 交易所会将与未用完货币相对应的资金保存在一个托管银行账户中。


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