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2. Protect the privacy of buyers 2. 保護購買者的隱私
You deserve some privacy 您值得擁有隱私
Privacy is most meaningful when it is guaranteed via technical measures, as opposed to mere policies. Without a technical layer providing privacy-by-default, financial transactions reveal unnecessary levels of personal or private data. This would be especially true when making micropayments for online publications. Thus, GNU Taler must protect the privacy of buyers to avoid facilitating totalitarian control over the population. 當隱私權通過技術措施得到保障,而不是僅僅是政策,才是最有意義的。如果沒有技術層提供預設的隱私,財務交易就會顯示出非必要程度的個人或私人資料。尤其在為線上出版物進行小額付款時更是如此。因此,GNU Taler 必須保護購買者的隱私,以避免促進對人口的極權控制。
Limited private data, such as the shipping address for a physical delivery, may need to be collected according to business needs and protected according to local laws. In this case, GNU Taler must enable deletion of such data as soon as it is no longer required. 有限的私人資料可能需要根據業務需求而被收集(例如,實際交付的送貨地址),並根據當地法律進行保護。在這種情況下,GNU Taler 必須在不再需要此類資料時立即將其刪除。
3. Auditability - enable the state to tax income and crack down on illegal business activities 3. 可審核性 - 允許各州政府對收入課稅並打擊非法商業活動
Money laundering 洗錢
As a payment system must comply with local laws in order to operate legally, GNU Taler must be designed to comply with these requirements. GNU Taler must provide an audit trail for investigators operating under the law. Furthermore, we consider levying of taxes as beneficial to society, and fair taxation requires income transparency. Thus, GNU Taler must enable authorities to track income. 由於付款系統必須符合當地法律才能合法運作,GNU Taler 的設計必須符合這些要求。GNU Taler 必須為依法展開調查地的調查人員提供審計追踪。此外,我們認為開徵稅收對社會有益,而收入透明為公平稅收的必要條件。因此,GNU Taler 必須使當局能夠追踪收入。
4. Prevent payment fraud 4. 預防支付詐欺
Phishing attack 網路釣魚攻擊
GNU Taler must mitigate the most common sources of payment fraud. We must follow best practices in software design, 3rd party design guidelines that prevent confusion and misleading user interfaces, and must have others inspect our publicly available code. Furthermore, GNU Taler must provide extensive cryptographic evidence for all key processes to enable all parties to precisely attribute bad behavior. GNU Taler 必須減輕最常見的付款欺詐來源。我們必須遵循軟件設計中的最佳實踐和第三方設計準則,以防止混淆和誤導用戶界面,並且必須讓公眾檢查我們的公開程式碼。此外,GNU Taler 必須為所有關鍵過程提供廣泛的加密證據,以使各方都能準確地將不良行為歸責。
5. Collect the minimum information necessary 5. 蒐集最少的必要資訊


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