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Taler cryptographically protects citizen's privacy, and by design implements data minimization and privacy by default. Taler 通過密碼保護公民的隱私,並且默認情況下通過設計實施數據最小化以及隱私保護。
Payment Services Directive (PSD2) 支付服務指令 (PSD2)
Taler provides an open standard with public APIs contributing to a competitive banking sector. Taler 通過公共 APIs 提供了開放標準,並為競爭激烈的銀行業做出貢獻。
Taler provides privacy and accountability Taler 提供隱私與責任
Taler assumes governments can observe traditional wire transfers entering and leaving the Taler payment system. Starting with the wire transfers, governments can obtain: Taler 假設政府可以觀察進入和離開 Taler 付款系統的傳統電匯。自從電匯開始,政府可以獲得:
The total amount of digital currency withdrawn by a customer. The government can impose limits on how much digital cash a customer can withdraw within a given time frame. 客戶提取的電子貨幣總金額。政府可以限制客戶在給定時間內可以提取多少數位現金。
The income received by any merchant via the Taler system. 任何商家通過 Taler 系統獲得的收入。
The exact details of the underlying contract that was signed between customer and merchant. However, this information would typically not include the identity of the customer. 客戶與商家之間簽署合約的確切詳細信息。然而,此信息通常不包括客戶的身份。
The amounts of digital coins legitimately withdrawn by customers from the exchange, the value of non-redeemed digital coins in customer's wallets, the value and corresponding wire details of deposit operations performed by merchants with the exchange, and the income of the exchange from transaction fees. 客戶合法從交易所提取的數位硬幣數量、客戶錢包中尚未兌換的電子貨幣的價值、商家在交易所進行的存款操作的價值和相應的電匯詳細資訊、以及交易所交易費用的收入。
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We provide a payment system that makes <span class='tlr'>privacy-friendly</span> online transactions <span class='tlr'>fast and easy</span>. 我們提供了一種付款系統,讓<span class='tlr'>隱私友好的</span>在線交易<span class='tlr'>更加輕鬆便捷</span>。


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