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We frequently discuss issues using <a href="">Mumble</a> on <tt></tt>. Feel free to join us in the lobby or developer rooms. 我們經常使用 <a href="">Mumble</a> 在 <tt></tt> 上討論問題。歡迎您加入我們的大廳或開發者房間。
Reporting bugs 回報錯誤
We track open feature requests and bugs in our 我們追蹤開放的功能請求與錯誤,在我們的
Bug tracker 偵錯工具
which is shared with the GNUnet project. You can also report bugs or feature requests to the mailing list. 這是與 GNUnet project 共用的。您也可以透過郵件列表舉報錯誤或進行功能請求。
General inquiries 一般詢問
You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries at <tt>contact AT</tt>. 您可以透過 <tt>contact AT</tt> 聯繫處理一般詢問的團隊成員。
Executive team 執行團隊
For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <tt>ceo AT</tt>. 對於非技術性的商業性詢問,請聯絡 <tt>ceo AT</tt>。
Copyright Assignment 版權轉讓
Contributors to GNU Taler with Git access must sign the <a href="/pdf/copyright.pdf">copyright assignment</a> to ensure that the <a href="">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler Systems SA agreement on licensing and collaborative development</a> of the GNUnet and GNU Taler projects is satisfied. 擁有 Git 存取權限的 GNU Taler 貢獻者必須簽署 <a href="/pdf/copyright.pdf">版權轉讓</a> ,以確保已滿足 GNUnet 與 GNU Taler 項目的<a href="">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler 系統對於授權與協同開發的 SA 協議</a>。


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