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For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <tt>ceo AT</tt>. 對於非技術性的商業性詢問,請聯絡 <tt>ceo AT</tt>。
Copyright Assignment 版權轉讓
Contributors to GNU Taler with Git access must sign the <a href="/pdf/copyright.pdf">copyright assignment</a> to ensure that the <a href="">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler Systems SA agreement on licensing and collaborative development</a> of the GNUnet and GNU Taler projects is satisfied. 擁有 Git 存取權限的 GNU Taler 貢獻者必須簽署 <a href="/pdf/copyright.pdf">版權轉讓</a> ,以確保已滿足 GNUnet 與 GNU Taler 項目的<a href="">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler 系統對於授權與協同開發的 SA 協議</a>。
The agreements ensure that the code will continue to be made available under free software licenses, which gives developers the freedom to move code between GNUnet and GNU Taler without worrying about licenses and the company the ability to dual-license (for example, so that we can distribute via App-stores that are hostile to free software). 這些協定確保程式碼將持續地在自由軟體許可證之下被提供,這使開發人員可以自由地在 GNUnet 和 GNU Taler 之間移動程式碼,而不必擔心許可證問題,公司也能夠獲得雙重許可(例如,這樣我們就可以在對免費軟體懷有敵意的應用商店發布)。
Minor contributions (basically, anyone without Git access) do not require copyright assignment. Pseudonymous contributions are accepted, in this case simply sign the agreement with your pseudonym. Scanned copies are sufficient, but snail mail is preferred. 較小的貢獻(基本上,任何沒有 Git 訪問許可權的人)都不需要版權轉讓。我們也接受匿名貢獻,在此情況下,您只需使用您的假名簽署同意書並掃描副本即可,不過蝸牛郵件為更好的方式。
GNU Taler: Documentation and Resources GNU Taler:文件與資源
This is an overview of documentation and other resources for GNU Taler. The full documentation contents can be found <a href="">here</a>. 這是 GNU Taler 相關文件與其他資源的概述。您可在<a href="">這裡</a>查看完整的文件內容。
Core Component Documentation
Merchant Backend Administration 商家後端管理
Tutorial and manual for operating a merchant. Also available as <a href="https://%(docshost)s/pdf/taler-merchant-manual.pdf">PDF</a>. 經營商家的教學以及操作手冊也有 <a href="https://%(docshost)s/pdf/taler-merchant-manual.pdf">PDF</a>檔案可供參考。
Merchant API Tutorial 商家 API 教學


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