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Thus, despite offering anonymity for citizens spending digital cash to buy goods and services, Taler also ensures that the state can observe incoming funds. This can be used to ensure businesses engage only in legal activities, and do not evade income tax, sales tax or value-added tax. However, this observational capability does not extend to the immediate personal domain. In particular, monitoring does not cover shared access to funds with trusted friends and family, or synchronizing wallets across multiple devices. 因此,儘管 Taler 提供了匿名服務予使用數位現金購買商品與服務的民眾,Taler 也確保了國家能夠觀察資金的流入。這可用於確保企業僅從事合法活動,而不會逃避所得稅,營業稅或增值稅。但是,這種觀察能力並未擴展到直接的個人領域。尤其,監控範疇不包括與可信賴的朋友和家人共享對資金的訪問,也不包括跨多個設備同步錢包。
Taler's payments are cryptographically secured. Thus, customers, merchants and the Taler payment service provider (the exchange) can mathematically demonstrate their lawful behavior in court in case of disputes. Financial damages are strictly limited, improving economic security for individuals, merchants, the exchange and the state. Taler 的付款採用密碼保護。因此,發生糾紛時,客戶、商人和 Taler 付款服務提供商(交易所)可以在法庭上以數學方式證明其合法行為。Taler 嚴格限制財務損失,從而也改善了個人、商人、交易所和國家的經濟安全。
As a payment service provider, the Taler exchange is subject to financial regulation. Financial regulation and regular audits are critical to establish trust. In particular, the Taler design mandates the existence of an independent auditor who checks cryptographic proofs that accumulate at the exchange to ensure that the escrow account is managed honestly. This ensures that the exchange does not threaten the economy due to fraud. 作為付款服務提供商,Taler 交易所必須遵守金融法規。財務監管和定期審核對於建立信任至關重要。特別來說,Taler 設計了一個獨立的審計員,該審計員檢查在交易所積累的加密證明,以確保誠實地對託管賬戶進行管理。這樣可以確保交易所不會因欺詐而威脅到經濟。
Taler is free software implementing an open protocol standard. Thus, Taler will enable competition and avoid the monopolization of payment systems that threatens global political and financial stability today. Taler 是基於公開協議標準的自由軟體。因此,Taler 將促進競爭,避免壟斷系統威脅當今全球政治和金融穩定。
Efficient 高效率的
Taler has an efficient design. Unlike Blockchain-based payment systems, such as Bitcoin, Taler will not threaten the availability of national electric grids or (significantly) contribute to environmental pollution. Taler 的設計十分有效率。不同於基於區塊鍊的支付系統(如比特幣),Taler 不會威脅到國家電網的可用性,也不會(顯著地)造成環境污染。
Taler and regulation Taler 與法規
Anti money laundering (AML) 反洗錢 (AML)
With Taler, income is visible and can be tied to the contract signed by both parties. 使用 Taler,收入為可見的,且可以與雙方簽訂的合同綁定在一起。
Know your customer (KYC) 了解您的顧客 (KYC)
In Taler, payer and payee are known by their bank accounts when withdrawing or depositing coins respectively 使用 Taler 時,付款人和收款人各自的銀行帳戶都知道顧客何時提取或存放貨幣。


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