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GNU Taler: Design Principles GNU Taler:設計原則
When designing GNU Taler, we had the following design principles in mind: 在設計 GNU Taler 時,在我們的腦海中有以下的設計原則:
1. Free/Libre Software 1. 自由軟體
... in the area of computing, freedom means not using proprietary software ... 在電腦學的領域,自由代表不使用專有軟體
GNU Taler must be <a href="">Free/Libre Software</a>. For merchants, Free/Libre Software prevents vendor lock-in meaning merchants can easily choose another service provider to process their payments. For countries, Free/Libre software means GNU Taler can not compromise sovereignty by imposing restrictions or requirements. And for exchange operators, transparency is crucial to satisfy <a href="'s_principle">Kerckhoff's principle</a> and to establish public confidence. GNU Taler 必須是<a href="">自由軟體</a>。對於商家來說,自由軟體防止供應商鎖定,這意味著商家可以輕鬆選擇其他服務提供商來處理他們的付款。對於國家來說,自由軟體意味著 GNU Taler 無法通過施加限制或要求來損害其主權。對於交易所運營商而言,透明度對於滿足<a href="'s_principle">Kerckhoff's principle</a>尤其重要,這也能建立公眾的信心。
Customers benefit from Free/Libre Software because anyone is free to modify the wallet software support additional platforms. The source code must be available and make it easy to verify that user-hostile features such as tracking or telemetry are absent. 因為任何人都可以自由修改錢包軟體,客戶可以從自由軟體中受益並支持其他平台。其原始碼必須可被大眾使用,並且可以輕鬆地驗證其不存在諸如跟踪或遙測之類的對用戶不利的功能。


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