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This page explains (only in English) how Taler can change ongoing developments in the financial industry. 該頁面(僅英語)解釋了 Taler 如何改變金融業的持續發展。
Support for GNU Taler GNU Taler 的支援
Current funding 目前資金
This project is about adding KYC and AML support to GNU Taler by integrating rules for conditions that require users to authenticate or exchange operators to review records for AML. We will be integrating support for KYC via the open OAuth2.0 standard as well as a few (sadly) proprietary APIs to enable compliance. We will also be implementing a (simple) address verification service using the OAuth 2.0 API.
This project is about implementing a GNU Taler wallet for the iOS platform. The wallet is to support all of the features of the existing Android and WebExtension wallets.
This project is about implementing a GNU Name System registrar with GNU Taler support for privacy-preserving payments to register domain names.
This project is about improving the usability of GNU Taler for regional currencies. It improves account management in libeufin to turn it into a comprehensive stand-alone bank service. We are also adding currency conversion to enable users to convert from and to the regional currency. Furthermore, some time was spent on requirements analysis, revealing the need for merchants without digital infrastructure to receive payments, resulting in us implementing templating support that enables payments to merchants that are fully offline.
We are grateful for free hosting offered by the following organizations: 我們感謝以下組織提供的免費託管服務:
We are grateful for translation support offered by the following organizations (and <a href="">all the volunteers</a> that are helping with the translation effort): 我們感謝以下組織(以及所有幫助翻譯工作的<a href="">志願者</a>)提供的翻譯支持:
Past funding 過去的資金
We are grateful for past funding from the following organizations: 我們感謝以下組織過去的資助:


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