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Your wallet stores digital coins and thus ultimately your computer holds your balance. The exchange keeps funds matching all unspent coins in an escrow bank account. 您的錢包會存儲數位貨幣,因此最終您的電腦將持有您的餘額。交易所會將未使用的貨幣相對應的資金保存在一個託管銀行帳戶中。
What if my wallet is lost? 如果我遺失了我的錢包怎麼辦?
Since the digital coins of value in your wallet are anonymized, the exchange can not assist you in recovering a lost or stolen wallet. Just like with a physical wallet for cash, you are responsible for keeping it safe. 由於您錢包中的有價電子貨幣是匿名的,交易所無法幫助您找回丟失或被盜竊的錢包。就如同裝有現金的實體錢包,您需要負起錢包的保管責任。
The risk of losing a wallet can be mitigated by making backups or keeping the balance reasonably low. 您可以通過備份或保持較低的餘額來減輕丟失錢包的風險。
What if my computer is hacked? 如果我的電腦被駭了怎麼辦?
In case of a compromise of one of your devices, an attacker can spend coins from your wallet. Checking your balance might reveal to you whether your device has eventually been compromised. If a coin has been spent, this coin cannot be spent a second time. The Exchange examines every coin whether it has been spent and thus makes double spending impossible. 如果您的一台設備遭到破壞,攻擊者可以從您的錢包中花費電子貨幣。您可以透過檢查您的餘額來判斷您的設備是否遭到破壞。
Can I send money to my friends with Taler? 我可以透過 Taler 轉帳給我的朋友嗎?
If your friends provide goods or services for you in exchange for a payment, they can easily set up a Taler merchant and receive the payment in their bank account. 如果您的朋友為您提供商品或服務以換取付款,他們可以輕鬆地建立 Taler merchant 並通過其銀行帳戶接收付款。
Future versions of the Taler wallet may allow exchanging coins among friends directly as well. 未來版本的 Taler 錢包也可能允許朋友之間直接交換貨幣。
How does Taler handle payments in different currencies? Taler 如何處理不同幣值的款項?
Taler wallets can store digital coins corresponding to multiple different currencies such as the Euro, US Dollars or Bitcoins. Taler 錢包可以存儲與多種不同相對應貨幣(例如,歐元,美元或比特幣)的數位貨幣。


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