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GNU Taler must be designed to be efficient. Quite simply, efficiency means fewer things to break, and it means more transactions per second and lowers our environmental impact. Efficiency is also critical for GNU Taler to be used for micropayments. Therefore certain expensive primitives, such as proof-of-work, must not be used by GNU Taler. GNU Taler 必須設計成高效率地。簡而言之,效率代表更少工作量、每秒從事更多的交易、更低的環境影響。效率對於將 GNU Taler 用於小額付款也至關重要。因此,GNU Taler 不得使用某些昂貴的原語 (primitives),例如工作量證明 (proof-of-work)。
8. Fault-tolerant design 8. 容錯設計
Life Safers 救星
Malicious operators, fat fingers, computer glitches, gremlins. Things go wrong. GNU Taler must be designed to tolerate failure of individual components and systems. Where the system can continue running safely, it will continue running safely. Where it must halt an operation, other operations must not be needlessly pulled offline. Where systems fail, they must fail gracefully. GNU Taler must have a plan to recover from malicious operators compromising core secrets. 惡意操作員、手滑 (fat fingers)、電腦故障、gremlins。差錯會發生。GNU Taler 的設計必須有容忍單個組件和系統的故障的能力。在系統可以繼續安全運行的地方,它將繼續安全運行。在它必須暫停運作的時,其他操作在非必要情況下不能離線。系統發生故障時,它們必須正常運行。GNU Taler 必須制定一個計劃,以從危害核心秘密的惡意運營者中恢復。
9. Foster competition 9. 促進競爭
A competitive market 一個競爭市場
It must be relatively easy for competitors to deploy interoperable alternatives. The barriers for this in traditional financial systems are rather high and outside of our control. However, GNU Taler must minimize the technical burden for new competitors to enter the market. GNU Taler must enable a diverse set of operators, breaking up the current system where only a few global companies dominate the market. An example for a design choice that supports this is to split the whole system into smaller components that can be operated, developed and improved upon independently, instead of having one completely monolithic system. 競爭對手必須相對容易地部署可互操作的替代方案。在傳統金融系統中,這方面的障礙相當高並超出了我們的控制範圍。然而,GNU Taler 必須最大程度地減少新競爭對手進入市場的技術負擔。GNU Taler 必須使各種運營商能夠打破目前只有少數幾家全球公司主導市場的系統。支持此目的的設計範例為一個將整個系統拆分為可以獨立操作、開發和改進的較小組件,而不是擁有一個完全獨立的系統。
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